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How to: Save $3000 at Disney Four Seasons Hotel and Resort on “TRAVELQY”

Are you looking for a short staycation or even a Family Disney Destination Trip? Most of you don’t know that I am apart of a company called Bitqyck Inc. which is a diverse holding company. We build, cultivate, and maintain several product and service lines across some of the largest industries in the world such as retail, travel, healthcare, and more. One of the Verticals of this company that is dominating in Travel savings is


Travelqy is an exclusive member-only travel club that offers travel-agent-like wholesale pricing on over 400,000 hotels around the world as well as great rates on car rentals, cruises and much more. Imagine 5-star luxury at 2-star prices! Well if you’re a Travelqy member there’s no more imagining. Stop wasting your valuable time searching the Internet for travel deals. Get direct access to the best deals. Period. At Travelqy you: Earn. Save. Live!


I did a search comparison for a 7 night stay at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort from (Nov 06, 2017-Nov 13, 2017) on Travelqy, Orbitz and

Well you tell me who looks like the Best Savings Deal Breaker! 


Results: – $6,450.15 – $6,449.59 – $2,984.51 (Member Savings of $3,465.15) 

Now isn’t that savings amazing right! Another perk of being a member is for every booking through your own Travelqy Site, you get REWARD CREDITS which gets allocated to you for future bookings. With this booking, you would save $3,465 and earn 4,477 Reward Credits.

What can 4,477 Reward Credits give you!

With your 4,477 Reward Credits you can use it for a one night FREE stay at any of these hotels in Orlando Florida.

Or you could save your Reward Credits and keep building it for other Hotel Stays around the World. My point is why not become a Member of Travelqy to get you and your family huge savings on Hotels, Flights, Cruises and Cars every time you book.


Another perk about Travelqy is our PRICE GUARANTEE! Meaning, if you find a hotel cheaper online, we promise to Credit you 110% of the difference.


To become a member it cost $399 and with this Travelqy annual membership you will be allocated $250 of bitqy. BITQY is the official cryptocurrency of Bitqyck Inc. Bitqy is the common thread that ties all of bitqyck’s business verticals together.

Click here to become a Travelqy Member today and save huge on all your Travels.

For more info on Bitqyck and/or our Bitqy, please email or Check out for Everything you want to know about Bitqyck.




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