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Learning to Code in Bali, Indonesia

My Experience at

Since i started my blog journey in the beginning of this year 2017, I wanted to learn everything that would help me grow my blog from Coding to Digital Marketing and all of the above. I taught myself the basics from Videography on my Youtube Channel, to photography on Instagram and the basics of WordPress so learning to Code was something I most needed for my Blog.

Luckily, I was one of the few selected to attend Kiersten Rich 10 Day Blogger Retreat in Bali, Indonesia with The Institute of Code. The institute of code runs 10 day immersive bootcamps on topics like coding and digital marketing in beautiful locations around the world. We create an environment of accelerated learning, so you can learn in-demand digital skills while having an experience of a lifetime. The Course I was selected for was during July 11-July 21, 2017. I got to say, Big Mahalo (thanks) to Institute of Code, I went from zero to hero with my coding skills. I learned how to custom code my website from my Homepage to my Shop page in literally 3 days. I had a few bumps in the road with my website being transferred from to but i got it squared away within 5 days. I picked up learning to code my website super fast all while exploring the beauty of Bali.

Who is Coding for?

Coding is very beneficial for everyone! Literally from beginners and advanced bloggers, digital marketers, graphic designers and of course Entrepreneurs. They welcome everyone with an open mind to learn and grow their website in literally 10 days. Apply Now!

Whats Included:

I really love that the programs they offer is all-inclusive so you really can kick back, lay low, relax and truly focus on learning in the right state of mind. I got to spend 10 days in a luxury pool villa learning to code my website from scratch.

EDUCATION: What you will Learn!

I can honestly say I learned a lot from The Institute of Code. They really help you focus on your Blog/Website from scratch. I had no idea how to transfer my Blog to so they helped me do that. Daniel was the biggest help with me in learning to Code and Build my website. I had to start from scratch so it was an awesome learning experience for me. I learned how to set up my own Shop Store where I linked all my favorite Must-Have Travel and beauty products , Youtube Kit and how to make commission off of it through Amazon. I learned so much more that I would have not been able to learn on my own. Thank you IOC!

ACCOMODATION: Where you will stay!

The 10 Day Course was held in the Palm House Villa in Canggu. This Villa was so huge and accommodated everyone that attended. They also provided accommodation for other bloggers that didn’t want to stay with others. I stayed in the 4 bedroom Bunk Room with 3 other awesome roomies that I miss so much. It was nice to stay with other like minded girls that shared the same Vizion as I. We instantly connected on so many levels. I highly recommend staying with others to get to know everyone and grow a special bond.

If you prefer not to stay with others and like to be on your own, they do offer separate villas for an extra cost with your very own room and pool. This Villa was secluded and breath taking and a 5 minute walk from the Palm House. I snuck away for a few hours with my girl Estelle to do some photo shoots for my IG. It was nice to get away from the Villa and just see something different.

FOOD: What will you eat?

I think besides learning how to Code and Build my website, my favorite part of this entire course was the authentic Meals. We had our very own Private Chef in our Villa serving us delicious Meals that accommodated every food eater. I mean from vegans, vegetarians, diary-free eaters, celiacs, and meat eaters. We had 3 Meals, Snacks and Dessert served and enjoyed everyday with our group.

(Cocktails aren’t included but for extra, our kitchen was stocked for our Bartender to be ready to make our drinks. I ordered Lychee Martini pretty much every night to help me unwind.)

ACTIVITIES: What you will do for fun?

This was my first experience ever traveling to Bali so I had no idea of what to do or where to go. I am very happy that the IOC takes care of all our activities. We did a lot of activities over the course of the week but I have to say that visiting the Monkeys at the Monkey Forest in Ubud was by far my favorite activity. To be this close up with these little crazy creatures was so amazing to me. It was an experience like no other.

What to wear in Bali?

(Check out my Blog on what to wear in Bali)


I am so grateful that I had this opportunity. Learning to Code is something every Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Blogger should definitely learn to do and what better place to go than in Bali, Indonesia. The atmosphere and culture here is so breath taking and beautiful. To be in a state of absolute focus ness and apply new skills to your daily blog life is a absolute must. If you are a beginner like myself, I highly suggest applying for The Institute of Code Now! If I could do this all over again I sure would with no hesitation!

So what are you waiting for? Apply NOW! 

(If you are thinking of applying for a IOC course, Please say Kehaulani Tuifua referred you)

If you cannot for the tuition its OK! Grab this book below to help you with the Basics and more of Coding!



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