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Now Boarding: China Airlines

This was my first ever time flying on China Airlines, mind you it was actually my first time flying internationally. First off, booking on their website was so easy but it was a bit confusing by understanding the time difference. Luckily, my friend Julia helped me understand it since we had the same flight together. We booked our trip to Bali, Indonesia for our Blogger Retreat with @theBlondeAbroad and the Institute of Code.

As the day came, we boarded our China Airlines Flight! Boarding was such a breeze. The Agents were so sweet, kind and always helpful. The plane was so huge! I had a 2 seater seat on the end near the window side. It was really roomy, a good amount of leg space and just so comfortable.

Every seat on this Aircraft has their own TV display and the best part everything on it was FREE! Yes i said it, FREE! I’m talking about Movies, TV shows, Music, Games and MEALS… FREE! FREE! FREE! lol. I think that got me a little over excited. I mean who doesn’t like FREE stuff though. The entire flight I was so entertained, i watched over 4 movies, played a few games too. Poker was my favorite game to play, I was camping on it the whole time. It definitely helped the time pass by.

I really enjoyed their Meal Service. I think we had about 2 full Meals, a few snacks and unlimited drinks including Wine. The agents would go up and down the isle asking if we wanted more. After every meal you get serviced Coffee and Tea. They give a few options of food. I think i ate the Chicken over pasta. over the fish meal. It wasn’t to bad, just more on the healthy side. There is just so much food on this flight that i was full the whole flight.


Overall, I highly suggest flying with China Airlines. You will be one happy Traveler on my so far… best International Flight.






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