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What to wear in Bali: Packing List & Tips

bali packing list

You are either going on a trip to Bali, Indonesia or planning to go and need help with figuring out what clothing items to pack with you! Am I right?  I mean seriously, figuring out what to pack is always tough for me anywhere I travel to so hopefully my guide will help you out in any way.

As this was my first international trip I decided to take a Carry-on Suitcase because of Airline baggage costs. I should have done my research before because I flew on China Airlines and they actually give you 2 FREE CHECKED BAGS! (Smdh) This was probably my most Biggest Mistake. So if I were you, just bring the largest Suitcase you can find because the shopping in Bali is crazy cheap, you will end up bringing back more that you can fit in your Carry-on Suitcase.

I literally had to buy another bag from a Marketplace in Canggu to fit all my extra shopping items I brought. Also, keep in mind that this packing list is my Clothing List as what I would recommend bringing. I overpacked my carry on suitcase and hardly wore most of the items I packed. So I would pack a bit lighter next time and go shopping there for clothes to wear.

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(Keep in mind I traveled to Bali, Indonesia in July 2017)

Here is my Clothing Packing List:

—> 3-5 Off-The Shoulder One Piece Bodysuits/Swimsuits <—

Just remember off the shoulder/flowy tops are so Bali’s fashion style and I absolutely fell in love with it. I recommend bodysuits or one piece swimsuits because you can use it with denim shorts like i did and it matches anything. Keep in mind Floral prints are so in and a MUST in Bali but these are also thin to pack so if you can’t choose then bring all of um because I did and wore all of them.

(Choose 1 solid color print and 2 floral prints)

—> 3 Denim HighWaisted Shorts <—

During July it was really hot and humid so I highly recommend Denim Shorts. 

—> 5 Off the Shoulder Rompers/Dresses <—

I literally brought about 10 of these because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear. I would suggest bringing at least 5-7 Rompers and/or Dresses. They are my absolute fave fashion to wear because its comfortable and easy to change and slip in and out of. Plus, it perfect for photoshoots all around Bali.

—> 2 Shoes (1 Flip Flop/Slippah + Bohemian Flip Flop) <—

I highly recommend bringing at least 1 pair of rubber comfortable flip flops for the day and 1 pair of a dressy flip flops for going out at night. Keep it neutral colors so it matches with everything.  Don’t bring shoes! Even though we went hiking i didn’t even have to use shoes. I hiked with my flip flops and it was totally fine. I never wore my shoes the entire trip. It was a waste of space!

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—> Accessories<—

Accessories are a must in Bali. So make sure to bring some cute shades, a good fashion statement Sun Hat and a Cross body bag thats very easy and accessible for your money and items you need to carry with you but also is close to your body. If you plan to go to the beach/pool a good Beach Bag to carry everything. My favorite must have to bring are Kimonos/Beach Coverups. They match with everything and you can easily throw them over your swimsuits and over tank tops with your denim shorts. 

Well there you go! My clothing packing list you can either follow or at least have an idea of what to pack. I hope this helped any of you out. Like I said, i over packed on my trip and barely used everything i packed with me. I went shopping and wore mostly those clothes so pack light and shop like crazy!

“Be safe and have a BLESSED time in BALI, INDONESIA”



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